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  1. Manual of Certification Audit and Audit of Urban Local Bodies and Rural Local Bodies have been prepared for Audit as well as Certification of Audit ‘
  2. Online Audit Management System mechanism has been developed to cover whole Audit Cycle .
  3. Online compliance of Audit Objection
  4. Repository of Audit Objections for each Department.
  5.  Integration with State AG(Audit) for PAC paras.
  6. PAC Para MIS
  7. Implementation of e-sign.
  8. E-certification of ULBs and RLBs
  9.  Digital E-Library of GOs and Financial Handbooks for Auditing and Finance personnel.
  10. IT audit
  11.  Integration with IFMS
  12. Updating of Audit Manual
  13. IT Audit Training and Courses
  14. Training in Various aspects and avenues of Audit
Audit Management System

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